Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purple striped shirt and strawberrys

Dance dance dance dance dance *break* dance dance dance!

Anyways ignoring that, I want to backpack around europe, that would be AmaZing! I should make a bucket list, You know a list of things that you want to do before you kick the bucket... I thought it was kick the can? Isn't that a game?! So not much has happened today for me because i'm still home sick but whatever.

Word of the day: ...... Lamp post? Does that count as one word or two, because a lamp post is one thing but lamp post is two words...? Reason: Um I really don't know I was to bored to think up a good word.

Song of the day: Coalmine by Armchair Cynics

Quote of the day:
Children really brighten up a household - they never turn the lights off. -- Ralph Bus

Ok so I will post later Bye!

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